20 Hookup Abbreviations You Must Know (JIC You Probably Didn’t Currently)

20 Hookup Abbreviations You Must Know (JIC You Probably Didn’t Currently)

Should anyone ever log onto Grindr, SCRUFF, or among the many a lot of additional knock-offs merely to feel like you’re forgotten in a-sea of newfangled and, sometimes, totally nonsensical acronyms and internet slang, you’re not by yourself. So what does HMU indicate?

These days, people are exactly about performance. We always compose emails. Then we changed to e-mail, which became texts. Now we speak in gibberish of abdominal muscles (abbreviations). They’re faster. And in the land of hookups, opportunity try associated with essence.

Therefore WAFA (without any further ado), search straight down for 20 modern abbreviations to help you understand WTF (exactly what the f*&per cent) dudes tend to be entering – and additionally exactly what they’re really saying – within emails.

1. BRB

Just what it ways: Be right back.

What it really means: https://besthookupwebsites.org/omegle-review/ Goodbye permanently.

2. HMU

What it implies: struck me personally upwards.

What it really implies: You’re hot. (maybe not it willn’t mean Hold my personal Unicorn)

3. LOL

What it ways: Laugh out loud.

Just what it indicates: it is a shameful book, very I’m attending imagine it’s amusing and ditch your.

4. LMK

Just what it indicates: Let me know.

Just what it ways: Yeah appropriate, you’re maybe not gonna let me know.


Exactly what it implies: I’ll let you know.

What it really implies: here is the finally we’ll ever before speak of this. This is basically the latest we’ll actually communicate forever.


Exactly what it implies: era, intercourse, place, photo.

Exactly what it means: Age, gender, venue, image.


Just what it implies: Mind your own business.

Exactly what it implies: I’m grouchy and can’t package immediately.

8. NBD

Just what it ways: No fuss.

What it really ways: It’s a fucking big deal!

9. HU

What it means: Hurry up.

Just what it means: I’m aroused.

10. ITAI

Just what it suggests: I’ll contemplate it.

What it really indicates: No chances in hell.

11. SG

Just what it implies: seems great.

Exactly what it means: your satisfy all my standards. Let’s hookup.

12. A3

What it implies: when, anyplace, anywhere.

Exactly what it implies: when, anyplace, everywhere.

13. ASAP

Just what it means: today.

What it really means: If you don’t conquer right here instantly, I’m choosing strategy B.

14. J4T

Just what it suggests: simply for now.

Just what it ways: Seriously, this can be an one-time thing unless you’re actually hot.


Exactly what it suggests: Not much here, only chilling.

Just what it ways: I’m bored, by yourself and sexy.

16. ZZZ

Just what it ways: sleep, bored, fatigued.

Exactly what it implies: that person picture does not stimulate me personally.

17. REHI

Just what it implies: Hi, once more.

Just what it suggests: You abruptly vanished earlier. In which did you get? be sure to consult with me.

18. YOYO

Exactly what it means: You’re on your own.

Just what it indicates: I’m actually sorry but this just is not developing.

19. BF!*

What it suggests: Bye, Felicia!

What it really implies: shag down.

*not getting confused with “BF” (no exclamation point) which signifies “boyfriend”

20. AMF

Just what it suggests: Adios motherfucker.

Exactly what it means: Adios motherfucker.

Know any kind of hookup abbreviations? Let your own brothers continue to date for the remarks area below.

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Kick Emerson

These are generally nearly all fresh to me personally

Sweetie Cake

ESAD: consume shit and die…said to a person that endured your up


We have not witnessed a majority of these like ever before. I’m 25 and fairly productive on personal media/dating programs so-like…


I guess we should thank-you for excluding PNP.

Julio Zayas III

The past opportunity we spotted “rehi” got 15+ in years past during the boards on gay mark com. I’ve found it tough to think any individual continues to be using that.

David Campbell

Billy Budd

These are not necessarily utilized.


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