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Many companies hire individuals to specialize in this type of outbound calling. As a telephone research interviewer, you call customers on behalf of companies and conduct a research survey about their experiences over the phone.

how to get a remote customer service job

The best remote workers really love their work and take pride in what they produce. If you don’t love what you do, your bed suddenly becomes really comfortable ― especially when no one is telling you to get up and go.

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For full functionality of this page and to view all remote jobs, it’s necessary to enable JavaScript. This week’s remote jobs and remote work stories straight to your inbox. Randstad is also offering incentives, which include a special bonus program. Selected candidates will receive a company-provided laptop, paid training, benefit options and weekly paychecks, all while working from the comfort of their homes. Staffing company Randstad US is working to hire more than 400 remote customers service jobs for Whirlpool in Cleveland. Your compassion and customer service expertise combined with our support, training and development will ensure your success. Remote customer service can test your patience more than some other professional fields.

If you can’t find any open roles with the company at that moment, return in a few weeks or reach out to the recruiting team with your resume. With an idea of which remote-friendly corporations you’d be interested in working for, start browsing their open positions. Their role consists of identifying the reasons for a customer’s call and assisting them in whatever manner necessary. This could include things like placing an order for them, answering a product question, or solving a billing issue. Save time and find higher-quality jobs than on other sites, guaranteed. U.S. Bank is one of the top five largest commercial banks in the United States. Bancorp, U.S. Bank offers a wide array of services, including savings and checking accounts, insurance, mortgage and refinance, investing and wealth management, and loans.

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Your profile is your resume so make sure it stands out. Today, I want to introduce you to one such friend and reader—John Cunningham who’s not only a remote employee himself, but has also written a lot about remote life over the years. That makes him pretty much the perfect person to talk about how to get a remote jobtoday. Contracts vary on many important details, says Gail Rigler, the site’s Chief Marketing Officer. These details include pay rates, whether you’re paid by the hour or minute, whether you can receive performance bonuses and whether you’re required to commit to a minimum number of hours. Reps who are paid by the minute generally get “minimum pay” contracts to assure them that they’ll earn money for at least a portion of the time they’re working during a slow period, says Rigler. You’re also likely to get an “education stipend” here for the time you spend training.

how to get a remote customer service job

Zappos, an online retailer, is well known for its excellent customer support. As a member of their remote customer loyalty team, you’re expected to develop rapport with customers to deliver WOW experiences that inspire loyalty and repeat purchases. Finding a job can be difficult when your lifestyle doesn’t permit you to go into an office.


Further, it’s important to become visible to team members in order to stay in a loop. Inform them daily about your tasks, ask them about a project, and you will feel that even though you’re physically far away, you’re a part of a team. Get back in touch with old friends and co-workers. With the right approach, your network can quickly bring in job opportunities. Inform them you are looking for a job, and provide them with your resume and any other needed information.

  • With the right approach, your network can quickly bring in job opportunities.
  • A Stanford study found that remote employees work, on average, 9.5% longer than those who work in an office, and are also 13% more productive.
  • Virtually every employee is eligible for some type of variable incentive pay in addition to his or her base pay.
  • The use of chatbots is growing rapidly as businesses look for ways to reduce costs and improve customer service.
  • WorkingSolutions enlists at-home customer service reps from the U.S. and Canada to serve a wealth of large corporations that need help around the clock.

Your TV might be calling your name at lunch, and your dog might be calling your name all day. If you’re not motivated to work, you likely won’t work if no one is looking over your shoulder.

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Many companies that employ virtually for this type of role are very open about their acceptance of this flexible work environment. Many freelance customer service jobs pay by the “productive” or “engaged” minute. That means you’re paid for the time you spend on a call or responding to someone’s chat message — but not when you’re sitting at your desk waiting to get calls or messages. And, yet, you’re generally required to stay available during the hours you selected regardless. Since this position is restricted to different forms of virtual communication — from phones to email to live chat to social media — you can handle it from any remote location. It may even be easier to hit your quotas when working from home. is actually part of FlexJobs, but it helps companies hire, train, and manage remote employees.

how to get a remote customer service job

Liberty Mutual strives to develop employees, attempting to keep them indefinitely. Other companies view employees as a body that can sit ata desk and perform a task until that position is no longer needed. Iam empowered every day to do the right thing for our customers and other employees. At Liberty Mutual, our purpose is to help people embrace today and confidently pursue tomorrow. That’s why we provide an environment focused on openness, inclusion, trust and respect. We were also selected as one of the “100 Best Places to Work in IT” on IDG’s Insider Pro and Computerworld’s 2020 list.

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Click here for the Virtual Vocations remote guide to customer service jobs — an essential tool for customer service jobseekers. Provides counsel, guidance and suggestions to our customers to adequately what is remote customer service cover and protect what they value most. This is done by using upselling and cross-selling sales skills to educate customers and agents on new and existing insurance products & services.

You’ll find the job is not remote or the company is not very desirable. “companies” page is an amazing place to learn about companies that hire remote workers. There’s no fee and new job postings are added daily. Unlike the other sites on this list, this site is geared specifically toward start-ups. If you want to work at an early stage startup, this is the place to be. There is no cost to use AngelList, but you’ll need to make a profile.

How To Nail ‘what Does Customer Service Mean To You?’ In An Interview

If I was looking for a job outside of tech, maybe not. Overall though―the postings here are peppered with weird companies and non-remote jobs, cloaked as remote jobs. Having looked for remote jobs in the not so distant past, those sites have yielded some great opportunities. I’ve had great experiences with the above companies, but I can’t say the same for the websites below. Here are some sites that are NOT good for remote work.

  • It supports us and keeps us on track as we strive to achieve our business goals.
  • Typically, this involves overseeing hiring, collaborating across internal departments, and reporting on the success of initiatives.
  • In customer service, speed and efficiency is everything, and the last thing you want is for a slow Internet connection to leave a customer hanging.
  • Just a few years ago, this occupation was projected to have 15% growth.

Working remotely and communicating remotely is not harder, or more complex than any other job, it’s just different. But to land an interview, your resume needs to be tailored to remote companies. I started an e-commerce company as a side hustle few years ago. I also had a painting company in college where I went door to door selling painting services. Outside of hiring trustable people, remote companies want people that are passionate about what they do.

Remote Customer Service Representative Skills

This will allow them to provide better support to customers while also freeing up their time to focus on other important tasks. Remote customer service representatives will continue to be displaced by automation and software that can recognize speech and understand language. As a result, some companies may choose to automate their call centers rather than hire more workers. During my last job search, I did notice that some remote job applications asked if I had experience working remotely. JoiningVirtual Vocationsgrants you access to our hand-picked remote jobs database.


Sutherland is a worldwide process transformation company with more than 60 global operation centers, over 120 clients, and 38,000 employees in 19 countries. It helps customers improve automated customer experiences by providing customer-facing services, back-office solutions, and technology-enabled services. Half the battle to landing a remote job is knowing where to look, and knowing the community of remote companies, but that’s still not going to land you a job. Remote companies are very careful about who they hire, and they’re looking for some pretty specific attributes. Remember those companies on the top 100 list and Q&A list? I follow almost all of them on Twitter, and they are constantly posting jobs. Checking the job boards works really well, but as soon as the company posts a job, they’ll post it on social media too.

Your own ideal lifestyle, and the lens of what makes you most productive. I love my work, I have no problem focusing, and I’m able to tear myself away from work when I’m done for the day. There’s even some evidence to indicate that those who work from home make more money than commuters.

Lincoln Financial Group offers financial products that help customers achieve retirement income security. The company offers annuities, life insurance, and long-term care protection. I had this flash of worry that the whole thing was fake! Then the meeting started and my very real manager and I set off working.

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